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Online trading has revolutionized the way people trade financial securities, but the process is far from over, as various innovations including mobile trading can testify. In fact, after trading from the comfort of your place of business or your living room, trading on the go was the next logical step.

Binary options platforms for this type of things are by far the most widely known, although every aspect of online trading can be done using your mobile device. Provided you have the right broker, you can trade stocks, forex, binaries and pretty much anything that can be traded over a regular computer, with the same degree of efficiency and online safety. The only difference is that you are no longer bound to your PC and can do your online trading anywhere you like.

Some would argue that this is a redundant step, as you could always go to an internet café and do your business there. But was that really the right thing to do? The process requires privacy and safety and those places were not exactly known for either of the two. This way you can trade from a restaurant or on your way to work, without having to make a single extra stop along the way. Furthermore, most brokers make it easy for traders to make the transition, especially if they already have an open account; they can access it from their mobile devices after some minimal adjustments.

Then again, this is not all sunshine and good connectivity, either. Whet happens when you get on an elevator or you enter a tunnel? Imagine going through that in the worst possible moment and how much money you could lose… Plus, mobile phones are made to be light and portable, and not strong and reliable; your PC might be heavy, but its processor is many times stronger and it works a lot quicker. And if you think time is money, wait until the phone bill comes in… It is vital that your mobile phone provider supports all the extra data transfer you will require.

Once all of that is covered, you can start choosing the right mobile device. For instance, iPhones are quite popular for the added security they bring, even if they are on the more expensive end of the spectrum. Having a touch screen with a large display and high resolution can be of great help, at least to those who like to see the trades they are trying to make. Then again, the iPhone suffers from the same drawbacks as most Apple products, and many people just don’t like them.

The android is slightly different, as it refers to the OS that is used by a myriad of manufacturers all around the world. Thanks to the relatively open-source software, there are loads of apps and the overall connectivity is a lot better, making this a far more popular choice for online traders and people in general. Generally speaking, people who can afford a brand new iPhone can also afford their own brokers, so it is safe to assume that the bulk of business is done through smartphones. What they lack in security they more than make up for in the app department.





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