America Needs to be Great Again?


America needs to be great again. The real estate mogul and celebrity, confirmed his candidacy for president on June 16. He is the second major Republican candidate to announce running for the United States presidential post for 2016. On the same day, Trump released a series of documents detailing his finances that are worth more than $1.4 billion.

Who is DJT?

Donald John Trump, age 69, was born on June 14, 1926. His parents, Frederick Trump and Mary MacLeod Trump raised him in Queens, New York. His father was a real estate developer. At age 13, Trump went to New York Military Academy and graduated in 1964. He went to Fordham University for two years before transferring to Wharton School of Finance of the University of Pennsylvania receiving his degree in economics in 1968.

Trump joined his father’s company, Trump Organization, shortly after college and helped finance its expansion. In 1971, Trump moved to Manhattan where he became familiar with influential people. He used sophisticated architectural design for winning public recognition and earning big profits.

Trump Tower is his best work. The 58-story tower opened in 1982. It features a six-story atrium of pink marbles and an 80-foot waterfall. Its glamour lured upscale retail stores and celebrity lessees. The success of this $200 million complex gained Trump national attention. He then ventured into casinos and bought Taj Mahal at Atlantic City. He has numerous other properties like golf courses and skyscrapers across New York.

Aside from real estate, he also expanded his interests in sports, entertainment, and literature. He authored 16 business books with “Art of the Deal” being a bestseller. Around 2003 to 2004, he began hosting and producing The Apprentice, an NBC reality show. He married 3 times, have 5 children and 7 grandchildren.

Trump in Politics

In 1987 to 1988, Trump first considered to run for presidency while still caught up in huge debts from his Taj Mahal acquisition. In 2000, Trump, a then Reform Party candidate, entered the race for presidency. He endorsed Republican candidate Mitt Romney for the presidency in 2012. Speculations about Trump’s aim for presidency started in February 2015 when he didn’t renew his contract for The Apprentice.

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On June 16, he announced his presidential candidacy from his Trump Tower in New York. Shortly after his interviews, individuals and corporations severed their partnership with the billionaire due to his snide remarks about immigrants, TV News personalities, Hilary Clinton, John McCain and Lindsey Graham.

Donald Trump2


The Republican presidential candidate’s campaign centers on “Making America Great” by targeting immigration and outsourcing. He released his immigration plan on August 16 with three core principles

1. A nation without borders in not a nation. He wants to build a wall across the US-Mexico border and Mexico will pay for it since Mexico has been using illegal immigration for exporting crime, drugs and poverty. This was immediately turned down by the Mexican government upon its release.

2. A nation without laws is not a nation. He emphasized that the Constitution must be upheld and enforced. His plan states that criminal aliens caught must be detained until they can be deported, as mandated by law, back to their home country. Mitigation for overstaying visa will be by increasing penalties. Also, illegal immigrants who give birth in the US will not receive a birthright citizenship.

3. A nation that does not serve its own citizens is not a nation. Most politicians’ idea of immigration reform is open borders, cheap labor and amnesty. Trump’s reform plan deviates by improving wages and job security for all Americans. It aims to increase existing H-1B wages to discourage companies from flying in foreign workers. Because of hiring Americans first, there will eventually be decreased green cards granted to immigrants. This also calls for US companies to bring jobs back to America, especially for manufacturing of US branded products. This discourages companies from outsourcing to China or India. Brokers already understand how to react to a reality where Trump will be elected

Will “The Donald” be America’s trump card to advancement towards the real American Dream? There is still a lot to see and hear from his campaigns and interviews and a lot more time to prove himself worthy of the people’s trust because words are not enough.


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