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woman's CEO

10 successful female CEO today Despite living in this day and age, “It’s a man’s world” seems to apply to many aspects of our society, and big companies are no exception. Women make less money than men, on average – but there is nothing average about the women on this

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The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam
World economy

The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is expected to be one of the largest in Africa (in terms of hydropower at least). Its estimated production is 6,000 MW. The storage reservoir has a surface area of 1561 km² at level of 640 m, i.e. 146 m behind the dam which holds a large volume

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penny stocks
Stock market

The term “penny stocks” refers to stocks of a public company which are traded at very low prices, but they are a legitimate means of market capitalization nonetheless. We are usually talking about very small market capitalization, but it still counts. These stocks are generally

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So a lot of people asked me Bitcoin related questions so I decided to write an article about it: What are you? We’ve all heard of bitcoin. Not many have actually owned or used it, but we are aware of its existence, which is already more than what we can

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Alternative energy

Alternative energy source is needed Despite the current drop in the price of oil around the world, the amount is still generally high and it has greatly affected various industries. Worse, they are usually subjected to political controversies. Add to that the fact that burning petroleum for fuel has already

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Donald Trump America

America America needs to be great again. The real estate mogul and celebrity, confirmed his candidacy for president on June 16. He is the second major Republican candidate to announce running for the United States presidential post for 2016. On the same day, Trump released

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