Far Future Gadgets

These future gadgets will make you wish you were born in the future

Human imagination is a powerful tool. It enables us to envision things long before they actually happen, or we get in a position to see them through. We can fantasize about future gadgets that will be available next week, or a year from now, a decade or even a century, and any of those could be a ‘far future’ as far as we are concerned. But thanks to modern analysis and concept art, you no longer have to be Jules Verne in order to see what future gadgets has in store for you, or your descendants.

You can envision a future without war, disease or famine, where poverty does not exist and everyone lives happily holding hands and singing “Kumbayah”…  But we don’t need to go that far. Gadgets can be used for small things, simple stuff that makes our lives easier, like a better TV remote, or a gaming device that could load any game from any studio or platform. We don’t have to jump to laser rifles and nanotechnology, do we? Although they would be cool, too. We could settle for a smartphone that utilizes holographic technology, like that Apple Black Hole, where you interact with a hologram and various sensors rather than a touchscreen. It will probably feature a bunch of apps, too.

Or we may never have to worry about accidently sitting on our phone and crushing it, when flexible phones become a reality. Think of a phone as something you can roll and tuck away rather than something that folds; phones will have to become a lot more durable if they mean to beat the competition. Plus, as technology advances and hard drives and processors keep getting smaller, this type of technology may not be that far ahead. For now, though, we are lucky if our phones are waterproof, as their manufacturers claim.

But you know what could be better? Combining it with a bicycle or a similar platform. You probably already cycle and there are gadgets that are meant to secure your phone so it doesn’t end up beneath your back wheel, but what if you could hook it up to the pedaling mechanism and use it to charge your phone as you cycle to work? It would save time, energy and actually give you a reason to get out there and exercise. If you can charge your phone in your car, then modifying a bike with a simple charging mechanism shouldn’t be too hard, right? If it is that unsafe, you can hook it up to an exercise device like a Total Gym or something.

Speaking of work and exercise, are you tired of your old chairs at your office? Soon, you may be able to replace it with a new one, designed to help you exercise as you work. With this new fitness craze, people are going for all kinds of crazy ideas like standing desks, lazy bags and such… So, a chair that would double as a workout device would be beneficial indeed. Crunches, rowing exercises, lower back training… It’s like you’re working in a gym, but nowhere near as gay.

Tired of doing chores? How about a joystick that can double as an iron? That way you could do the menial tasks and play video games at the same time. Just be careful not to get burned or destroy your favorite shirt because you got caught up in a cinematic. If you can multitask, this can be just the thing for you. It doesn’t have to be a joystick, though; it could be a remote or a music player or some other gadget. And it doesn’t have to be intended for men only, either. Certainly there are girls out there who like ironing, too?

Moving right along to the next player on our future gadgets group Holograms and sensors could be a great combo, if they can make computers small and powerful enough to go along. As far as wearable technology goes, combining a wrist watch and a full blown computer would be absolutely astounding. Laptops would become obsolete. Holographic projector would display the screen in front of you, with no need for actual surface. You would simply press buttons and interact with the hologram and sensors would pick up on your movements and the computer would carry on from there. Failing that, they could still shrink down PCs on wrist size and use them instead of laptops and tablets, even if the screen and keyboard are still there.

We all know radio can be fitted into almost anything. First they figured out how to fit it into your home, next came your car, then you had radio clocks, radio inside your bed, integrated with your shower, pillow… But have you ever seen it integrated with a light bulb? It turns out that radio frequency can produce light, and it could also entertain you.

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