Future dating

Future dating might ruin the magic for some of us

If you think modern dating is bad, wait till you see what our descendants will have to deal with, assuming we somehow manage to produce them, which does not seem very likely for some. Many people say Facebook has revolutionized the way people date nowadays. If you think about it from the right prospective Facebook considers as future dating to those of us who dated more then 10 years ago Others say it ruined it. Still, the way we experience other people around the world (online) has affected our very lives, with people getting divorced and fired over facebook statuses and all this madness that has ensued…

In the next decade, we can safely assume that all social networks will be dating sites or at least incorporate this aspect into the way they do business. Ads and commercials will become far more aggressive and cunning, with marketing experts finding ways to sell us more crap and their lawyers finding ways to make it seem legal and legit. Still, people making money on commercials aren’t that different from those who get dates in a similar fashion, so people should not notice much in terms of difference. Gradually, they will isolate themselves from people who have hurt or insulted them in some fashion, hiding behind virtual walls made of blocks, reports and filters. “If somebody wants to be my friend, they better agree on everything I’ll say or I’ll report them to mom… I mean, Mark, Zuckerberg!” By growing up alienated from other people and dissenting opinions, our emotional maturity will probably cease to exist.

Physical appearance and personal interests will most likely dominate the online dating game, although if that one guy could beat dating sites and rig the game so he gets the hottest girls and pretends he is their prince Charming, everyone can do it. Still, in the future, your words and actions will be monitored and perhaps even aided by software and specialized gadgets, making sure nobody says or does something they might regret. This way, most dates could lead to marriage, and later on to a quick divorce when you two realize you actually can’t stand each other. Just like old times.

Recently, there has been a lot of hype over augmented and virtual reality, and we can safely assume that they will come to play a progressively larger part in our lives as the time goes by. “Adjusted” reality, coupled with DNA matching could eliminate any doubts that our date is the right one for us. Naturally, the pretty and the rich will still make the most out of their situation. If celebrities can be stalked around the clock for our viewing pleasure, who says we won’t be able to send a drone to keep an eye on our special someone, even if the feeling is not exactly… mutual? Apart from the authorities, of course. How does future dating sounds now?

As for technological and social advances, it is not inconceivable that artificial reality will be a fair game when it comes to dating, or even marriage. A few years ago, gay people weren’t allowed to marry. If human rights stay “human” by that point, they might extend to others “entities” as well, such as robots, pets, kitchen appliances, illegal immigrants… Just joking about the last part, though. Because there is no way illegals will ever get basic human rights, at least not in the U.S.

A touch of nostalgia for the “good old days” will always be present, and greedy companies will always be there to capitalize on it. Reenacting old movies and funny situations will become commonplace, at least until we entrust them to machines once and for all. Then we won’t need actual partners to reproduce, or sex for that matter. Clones may be a viable alternative, and sophisticated machines will take care of procreation needs.

But those of us who still like to get down and dirty will have plenty of things to do. If not on Earth, other worlds may offer a bit of excitement. We will have to apply our own instincts as all dating technology will become useless once you have to pick up purple women in outer space. At least baldness and boners will no longer be an issue. We will probably look more attractive, thanks to advanced gene selection. Either that, or our appearance won’t even matter since our partner will most likely be a VR simulation or a robot or something. Or you will be the virtual simulation, because your mind has been uploaded to a computer in Geneva and given every human right possible, and some that are not. future dating ladies and gentlemen…

After all is said and done, perhaps, in a distant future, people will unlock the secrets of the universe, including the one that keeps eluding us: dating is not supposed to be sterile and superficial. You don’t need a facebook friend from Sri Lanka to fall in love with – unless you are from Sri Lanka in which case this will be really awkward to read.

In conclusion future dating will blow your mind , weather its good or bad, you decide.

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