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GoPro – overview and latest news on stock

GoPro, Inc.

started off in 2011 and has been producing state-of-the-art video recording technology – mostly cameras, accessories and apps, though. Their products are available in stores throughout the world, but wholesale networks and websites have been doing their part, too. Free software for all users has been an especially welcome touch, earning GoPro the respect and loyalty of a large customer base.

The HERO series is the staple product of GoPro, with HERO 3 and HERO 4 being particularly popular, thanks to their superior quality, reputation for reliability and loads of accessories and cool features like being completely waterproof, sealed in a durable housing, and having a built-in Wi-Fi device that enables smooth connectivity between your camera and your smartphone. File sharing has never been easier, and newest updates to the software enable better customization than ever before. As for the accessories, most are designed to be backward-compatible so as not to fail users of older models and make them feel irrelevant and neglected. In addition to a selection of mounts and harnesses that enable cameras and mounts to be strapped to the user’s head, hand or chest, there are additional Battery packs, cables and accessories that enable you to feed the video directly into a TV device, LCDs and a bunch of other gadgets that will make you feel like a true pro.

All these accessories are not just for people’s comfort, though. While most users are amateurs who never need anything more serious than a head strap, there are professionals who truly know how to use and appreciate all the trouble GoPro went through that make their process of earning for a living a bit easier. Professionals need their equipment to work in all weather conditions, including frost, rain and fog. That is why they will have need of special solutions that keep their lenses clean and in cameras working order. Smart Remote is a nice feature, but most people use it occasionally or don’t use it at all.

Regardless of whether they are actual professionals or not, GoPro users can all benefit from its free software. Currently, the main focus are the two apps. One is GoPro Studio, which enables people to edit their camera footage, manipulate frame rate, create slow motion sequences, add all kinds of things later on, or just play various recordings for their viewing pleasure. Whereas the Studio is aimed at professionals, GoPro App, however, is geared toward ordinary users who often need to store, share or transfer video material but don’t have a computer on them. Installing the app on the smartphone can deal with situations like that in the future.

As for recent developments, GoPro Inc. shares are looking up this week, as their stocks closed with an 8% increase in value, trading around $19.30 last Friday afternoon. Much of the market was not so fortunate, though as the DOW Jones Industrial Average was down 300 points and Technology Select Sector SPDR Fund ETF XLK was also lagging behind some 2%, which means GoPro was doing relatively well, for a change. Overall, 2015 was not a very good year for them, since their shares took a 66% nosedive this year and 45% in the last trimester alone. The fact that they dodged one massive sellout does not mean they are out of the woods, even if the prognosis for the next year look quite favorable at this point. The analysts think that buying GoPro stocks is a good idea at this point, as it should be worth around $32.50 this time next year, although these things are not exactly 100% accurate, so go figure. You can advise with brokers about the future of the stock

To recap, GoPro took a serious blow last Monday, when the analysts toned down their expectations concerning this camera company. Their stocks traded for $16.46 at one point, which is a huge drop compared their peak in October 2014. Back then they were trading for 82% more, which is how much value they have lost in little over a year, so that 14% drop was more of an icing on the cake rather than the whole thing. It just goes to show what a couple of analysts can do to a company – a year and a half ago, the stock price tripled when they announced a possible boom in camera technology, and now they seem to be a lot more level-headed in lieu of cheaper alternatives coming from China. The latest downgrade by Morgan Stanley to “underweight” was justified by alleged reliability issues with the HERO 4 camera, which is a big issue, especially considering those are marketed to extreme sports enthusiasts – it is therefore vital that they deliver on their promises, and their sales have been hurting as a result, so it does not take a genius to put two and two together.

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