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Dangerous Countries to live in Top 10

Top 10 most dangerous countries to live in

Unlike the best countries in the world to live in, where anyone can have their personal favorites and preferences, the criteria behind the top 10 dangerous countries in the world are pretty self-explanatory. They reflect your chances to get abducted, killed, or worse. Then again, ranking them seems pretty futile, since you can’t tell which one has it worse than others, so they only got listed instead. Apart from numerous (dis)honorable mentions, the list of the deadliest countries to live in (don’t know why you’d even consider it) is as follows:


Apart from low living standards and poverty, Mexico is the home of some of the deadliest drug cartels in the world. Drug wars, abductions and overall crime rate is extremely high. However, this alone would not make Mexico stand apart from other countries in South or Central America. The Mexican Drug war does. It has been raging since 2006, continues to claim casualties, and with entire regions under the rule of individual cartels, no end is in sight.


Organized crime in Russia has seen an expansion since the ’90, and numerous gangs have been battling Russian mafia for control of the lucrative trades, including drugs, guns, people and even wildlife. Corruption is rife and endemic. Other than that, terrorists have been a constant threat to local civilians and tourists alike.


Even if we ignore the extremely tense relations with their nuclear neighbor, India, the state of affairs in Pakistan has been bad for some time. Its close proximity to Afghanistan and Taliban insurgency have claimed thousands of lives and billions of dollars (which were in short supply, anyway). All this, coupled with poor living standards and poor education system (not to mention human rights) has created a volatile environment one would do well to avoid.


Despite being one of the wealthiest countries in the world as well as home to some of the best colleges and research facilities, a number of factors have made some parts of the U.S. an extremely dangerous to live. Almost every major city has areas which people tend to avoid, due to extremely high crime rate and racial violence. Low gun control certainly doesn’t help, and neither does the economy that fuels the war on terror that is apparently ongoing and with no end in sight… Who knows?


As if the 2003 invasion didn’t do enough damage, Iraqi insurgency has been a problem even before the U.S. pulled their troops out of the country. At one point, ISIS captured huge areas of Iraq in one fell swoop. The fronts have stabilized, but the full-scale conflict is still in progress. The insurgents are still in control of large areas, including the city of Mosul, one of the largest in the country, and Kurds effectively control the northern parts of Iraq (and Syria) and are unlikely to relinquish their freedom and return to the fold on their own. Plus the suicide bombers and all the “minor” drawbacks of living in a third world country.


Afghanistan is in similar shape as Iraq, struggling to contain the Taliban insurgency. Drug trafficking has skyrocketed since the invasion in 2001. This is especially true for heroin. Other than that, literacy is low, human rights almost nonexistent, there are parts of the country that do not answer to the central authority and refugees are fleeing by the thousands… The country is a mess.


As if living in a third world country wasn’t enough, the people of Sudan have also had to contend with natural disasters and epidemics in addition to wars, extreme poverty and oppression. South Sudan broke off a few years back, taking some of the richest oil fields with it. Although, things are arguably just as bad as in their former homeland.


Somalia is similar in most regards, being no stranger to wars and famine. Somalia has been divided for quite some time, between the government and several groups that pretty much do what they want. Rampant piracy off the horn of Africa has been a major problem for the international shipping, since this is one of the busiest shipping routes. Fishermen-turned-pirates have made something of a business abducting vessels and seeking ransom from companies and relatives.


Boko Haram is only the latest of Nigeria’s problems. Due to its huge population of 174 million, all the traditional third world problems have been multiplied exponentially; they are not necessarily worse, but there are more of them. Political instability has plagued African nations since the ’60, a trend that will likely continue in the future.


Arguably the most dangerous country on the planet, and the home of ISIS (even though they were technically formed in Iraq), Syria is a war zone. The government controls less than a third of the country, with rebels, Al Nusra, Kurds and ISIS controlling the rest. The war that has been raging since 2013 is so bad that people tend to ignore the other issues. Millions have been displaced and the country will probably never be the same.

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