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Top Places for Global Property Investments

Top Places for Global Property Investments

For the past several years, global property investments were not that lucrative since house prices kept on falling. It is always a risk to sink such hard-earned cash into a property overseas. However, there has been a change in the map of real estate investment in the global arena. If you know where to look there are quite a number of destinations where property investments are very promising such as  Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa and even in the United States.

Second-tier cities are forecast to have an uptrend in real estate values. There are many inner urban areas that are now being turned into upscale and gentrified neighborhoods within some of the leading cities in the world, which offer alternative and more affordable options to be closer to central business districts.


Kowloon West, Hong Kong

There is currently a huge demand and rising housing values in Hong Kong, which is considered as the best location to invest in real estate right now. One of the most favorable locations is Kowloon West. Hong Kong has always been a top city for finance and trade but was never considered as a top destination for culture. However, this is about to change as the development in West Kowloon is underway 15 years after the idea for the development of a cultural district was put forward. Located in a vast area at the foot of the tallest building in Hong Kong, the West Kowloon Cultural District (WKCD) will soon rise. The area will have a high-speed train line that will link it to Guangzhou, with a travel time of only 45 minutes. Travel time to Hong Kong Airport will only be for 20 minutes. Once they are open, it will shift the focus from the Central district of Hong Kong Island to the peninsula of West Kowloon.

Housing developments will be concentrated in five areas: The Cullinan, The Waterfront, Sorrento, The Harbourside and The Arch. Investment banks such as Credit Suisse and Stanley Morgan have already relocated. WKCD is expected to be finished in three years’ time. Cost of a typical three-bedroom apartment ranges from HK$25 million to HK$45 million.

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Bay Central, Dubai

Investing in Dubai seems unlikely since it has a reputation for being a playground for the rich and famous. Still, Forbes recommends it as one of the top places to invest in real estate for 2015. The fact remains that Dubai continues to be an important tourism and business hub where close to 400 of the Fortune 500 companies have headquarters.

Among the real estate markets, Dubai is the strongest, which showed more than 25 percent growth since 2013. With the city’s tax set-up, it has made investors wholly interested in properties in Dubai. The time is right to invest in Dubai now, as it is outperforming cities such as Paris, New York and London. The city offers higher returns for your assets, and one of the best locations is at Bay Central, which is right in the center of Dubai Marina. There are two residential towers in the area and these waterfront properties range from penthouses, three-bedroom suites, studios and apartments with one or two bedrooms. Its location provides fantastic views of the Arabian Gulf, the city as well as the marina. It is close to Jumeirah Beach, the city’s business hubs and the Marina Mall. Properties at Bay Central can see 10 percent rental returns. Bay Central properties start at AED 1,490,234.

Toyosu-Kachidoki Bay Area, Tokyo

It seems impossible to find any valuable real estate property in congested Tokyo, but according to commercial and residential property consultancy firm Knight Frank, the Toyosu-Kachidoki Bay Area, which is a vacant land that is very close to Tokyo’s CBD and close to the bay is projected to be have ample investment in just a few years, which makes the area a prime spot for overseas real estate property investment.

The area is a man-made island, and the plan is to build about 3,000 apartments in three residential towers at the Kachidoki East District. When finished, this will become Japan’s largest residential project, as it will have more apartments than the nearby Tokyo Towers. The properties will enable residents to have great views of Central Tokyo, O-Daiba Island, the Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Bay. Good brokers can tell you all about it.

Other cities projected to be great real estate investment areas include Williamsburg in New York, Barangaroo in Sydney, the 16th Arrondisssement in Paris, the Cape Town CBD, Tiong Bharu in Singapore, Runda and Gigiri in Nairobi and Victoria Peak in London.

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