Best Trading Platforms for Forex

Everyone knows that it’s possible to make good money in the Forex market. As a rule, Forex trading is carried out remotely through brokerage companies. Each broker uses trading platforms, using the functionality of which traders can carry out trading operations in the financial markets and earn money. In this regard, many traders try to find the best Forex trading platforms and work with those brokers that these platforms offer for use. How correct is this approach and which platforms can be considered the best online trading platforms? 

Currently, there are various trading platforms created by various developers and intended for use in various markets. Let’s get acquainted with some of these software products to understand which of them can be considered the best.

Examples of 3 Best Online Trading Platforms 

1. IQ Option.

It’s the most popular trading platform for beginners, which allows you to:

  • Carry out operations in the Forex market and other financial markets.
  • Use trading tools included in the basic set of the terminal with the possibility of supplementing it.
  • Make the necessary terminal settings.
  • Enable automatic trading.
  • Testing trading strategies used in trading.
  • Trade in financial markets using a mobile app. 
  • You can adjust it to make it comfortable for you. One of the benefits is that you can communicate with other traders and share experience.

2. FX Pro.

It isn’t difficult to guess by the name FX Pro that the platform is the best choice for experienced traders. It has been adopted by many brokerage companies and is actively used by professional traders in trading in various markets. This top trading platform allows you to:

  • Trade numerous assets of the Forex market with the ability to connect to trading on the stock exchange. 
  • Work with a variety of technical and analytical tools.
  • Use auto trading.
  • Choose among numerous investment and withdrawal options.


This platform is considered one of the leading software products for online trading which is successfully used by both beginners and more experienced traders. The Forexcom, one of the best trading platforms, allows you to:

  • Carry out trading operations in the market as well as trade futures and forward contracts and options.
  • Use free market analytics and trading modeling tools.
  • Trade in the foreign exchange market in manual or automated mode from your accounts.
  • The most advantageous trading conditions and access to trading accounts.

Best Trading Platform for Beginners: How to Know You’ve Found It?

The best trading platform for beginners should be as informative as possible, understandable, fully functional in terms of functionality, and accurate when broadcasting a trading signal. MetaTrader is one of the best online trading platforms that meets all the requirements mentioned in the list above.

However, other systems do not lag behind IQ Option standards, and you can also pay attention to them without having much experience in trading. For example, the best trading platform for beginners can be the TradeMaster, focused on automated trading, IFX Trader, Libertex, Alpha Direct, QUIK, NinjaTrader and many other best trading platforms created by order of DCs and banks based on MT developer MetaQuotes.

As you can see, the choice of the best online trading platforms is becoming larger every day. In fact, they are all aimed at being used by beginners in the currency market, so in almost every case, you can download a free demo version of the program to test its functionality.

Remember that the best trading platform is the one that the trader has studied thoroughly before making an investment. If the program performs its functions and provide the trader with comfortable working conditions, then it can be considered the best one for him or her.