Our team

Hi! We are John and Huan.

We met each other at the Faculty of Economics in 2013. Then we were both puzzled by the search for earnings that bring not only a stable income, but also satisfaction from our own activities.

At first, we were engaged in the analysis of the goods market, and quickly became popular due to our accurate forecasts. We soon realized that we would earn much more if we traded on our owns.

We started trading on the stock market with a capital of $ 500, earning 4 thousand on the first day. Then we were puzzled about obtaining official licenses and passed the necessary instances, receiving certificates of 7 series, 55 series and 63 series.

For more than 8 years of trading, we have reached a stable annual income of $ 2 million for each.

How we achieved it?

We perceive trading as a full-fledged job, not as a hobby. A superficial attitude to trading is synonymous with frivolous, thoughtless decisions, and, therefore, the loss of money and assets.

We have a sober look at trading and am not afraid of losses – they are inevitable. Our task is to build a trade so that the profit covers the losses several dozen times, and we succeed in this.

At one time, we studied and mastered fundamental and technical analysis and clearly predicted entry points, exit points, goals and risks, and we continue to improve our strategies.

We are able to adapt to the circumstances: to use the opportunities that the market gives. There is no point in trying to dictate conditions to the market – the market will not notice these attempts. We’re not Soros, and I think you are not either.

We keep a diary where we analyze every successful and unprofitable trade, try not to miss anything, and make trading plans.

We use this site primarily to systematize and catalog our practical and theoretical knowledge in trading. This data will be useful for both novice and professional traders.


John Rollanda
John Rollanda
Huan Freeman
Huan Freeman