How the Bollinger Option Strategy Can Be Used in Forex Trading

Reversal on Bollinger option strategy

Reversal on Bollinger option strategy is one of the oldest and simplest. In this strategy, the options buyer buys a call option at a lower price than its market price, then sells it back later at a higher price. Reversal strategies allow the trader to make a profit even in the absence of a market. In other words, they are perfect for those who have an interest in stock trading but are not interested in taking extreme risks. This is because they seek options that are safer than the underlying security.

Different directions

The bollinger bands in binary option strategy are used to indicate the direction of the trend. They are usually: 

  • Black; 
  • Green in color.

The lower Bollinger bands show that the asset will continue an upward trend; whereas, the upper band shows that it will continue a downward trend. This helps the trader to make an informed decision. However, when the market is unstable, the bollinger bands may not be accurate as they can be affected by extraneous factors.

Types of Boilinger bands

There are two types of bollinger bands. There are the:

  • Large bollinger bands;
  • Small bollinger bands. 

The large bollinger band is used to indicate that a long or a short position can be sustained for a period of time. The small bollinger band is used to signal the reversal of the trend.

A trader can take advantage of the low volume of the time frame by using the bollinger bands. With this information, he/she can make an educated decision. In binary trading, one can earn more if there are a high number of winning trades in a given time frame. If there are a low number of winning trades, the trader will have to incur a loss. One must also be able to determine the direction of the movement of the prices.

Websites for training

To help you become aware of the benefits of the bollinger method in your binary option trading, you can access various websites that offer training in binary options trading. These websites teach traders the techniques of trading binary options, which is very useful in helping them make an informed decision. Also broker sites like IQ option provide valuable tips that help traders know when to implement the strategies using the bollinger bands in their trading.

Direction of Trends

Traders can use the bollinger band in options trading by identifying: 

  • Bullish; 
  • Bearish conditions. 

By knowing the direction of the trends, they can decide whether to buy or sell. It is important to identify the condition that you are expecting. It is better to wait until the condition has turned out in your favor before you decide to execute your trade. This is also used as an entry signal in Forex trading and other markets.

Bollinger indicator

The bollinger band in options strategy can be used in several ways. One of these ways is to re-examine the indicator’s slope or the reversion. Slope indicates the tendency of the price action to move back or to the left. In the bollinger indicator, it can be seen that the resistance level moves towards the higher price action. Once this level is breached, the market will move in the same direction.


The bollinger bands also indicate the trend reversals. Once the price action of the underlying asset breaks the resistance level, the reversion will show the trend reversal. Usually, the trend reversals can last for several days or for a few weeks. Traders can learn the technique of the bollinger band in options trading, which allows them to predict when the price action is about to break the resistance or the reversion level.

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