Etoro Review: Fees, Commissions, Customer Service, Costs, App

Etoro Review

Etoro Review, or Why Etoro

Etoro broker is one of the leading trading services providers with its own trading platform. It offers complete functionality that can be compared to leading providers, and it is safe. More than 6 million users entrust their funds to Etoro, and you can become one of them.

Etoro Fees & Commissions Are not Low

Etoro commissions equal zero. Yeps, the platform does not charge any commissions. And Etoro fees are incorporated into a dealing fixed spread. So, Etoro fees depend on the market conditions and may differ. Moreover, you should consider that Etoro overnight fees are charged when you are trading at night, and these fees are not the lowest ones. For example, for the currency pair EUR/USD Etoro charges a fee of 3.7% if you trade at night.

Etoro Fees & Commissions Are not Low

Etoro Trading Platform Is One of the Most Advanced

Etoro trading platform has offered a new trading version: so-called social trading. In any Etoro review, you will find information about one interesting feature of Etoro platform: it allows customers connecting to successful investors and specialized traders` communities. You can share your impressions and ask for advice. So, you don’t even need to read plenty of reviews to find out something. Everything can be asked online.

Etoro is one of the most advanced trading platforms, so, the number of Etoro trading tools is impressive indeed.

Etoro takes care of your safety, hence, it is recommended to read the risk warning and a disclaimer to understand that trading is an activity connected with high risks.

Etoro trading platform
Etoro trading app

Etoro Customer Service Is Among the Best

Etoro customer service impresses if you compare it with similar platforms. You can address your issue to a customer service representative via:

  • Customer Service Center, by providing the needed information and submitting your question or query directly to an Etoro representative;
  • Starting a complaint procedure;
  • Live chat, where somebody is always ready to assist you all days except the weekends.

Any Etoro review would confirm that the customer service agents are professional and friendly. You will get the needed assistance within the shortest timeframe.

Etoro Costs Are Reasonable

When you are trading, you are not doing it for free. Any platform charges, including Etoro. Etoro costs for you are a little bit higher than usually the fees by other brokers are. However, it is easy to find out why it happens so. It is due to a lower slippage. This small detail compensates the difference in the costs completely.

Etoro App Review

Etoro app is available for Android and iOS mobile devices, and any Etoro app review would tell you that the mentioned app offers a complete functionality of its desktop version. You can deposit your funds, trade, use all the tools, research the needed trading information and to do many more trading-related things. Any Etoro review will let you know that you can make investments and perform all the actions available on the platform – all from your mobile device.

All in all, Etoro is no doubt one of the most advanced platforms that charges very reasonable fees, and our review proves it once more.