How To Predict in Binary Options: Up/Down, High/Low, Touch/No Touch

how to predict binary options

If you are interested in binary options trading then you should definitely read this article because it will teach you how to predict binary options with the use of binary options indicators and signals. Option Japonica Trading System was developed by Binary Options Research LLC, who is one of the leading firms in the binary options industry. 

Japonica system description

This system is utilized by more than ninety-five percent of all traders that trade on the day trading binary options market. This option uses sophisticated technical analysis to give you reliable predictions about how much your stock will: 

  • Go up; 
  • Go down during the time period it covers and how to make money if you choose the proper option. 

This is because experts claim that this trading system is able to make use of “psychological data” gathered from past data and makes “educated guesses” about how these factors affect the value and price of a certain security or commodity.

Its indicators

The Japonica system uses a number of different psychological indicators that act as “signals” to signal to traders how to predict binary options trading correctly. These signals are made out of “reversals”, which can act as “reversals” to the previous trend that a security has followed in the past. There are two categories of reversals, which include: 

  • “Long-term reversals”; 
  • “Short-term reversals”.

 Long-term reversals are thought to indicate strong market trends, while short-term reversals are believed to indicate weak market trends.


One of the best ways to predict binary options correctly and make money is through using the Japonica indicator, FSP. The FSP uses “dead bands” as its signal function, which basically means that it does not function independently. Instead, it monitors and acts independently of how the market moves. This is unlike traditional signal functions, which rely on the strength of one or more current trends to signal the end of a trending period. With this method, it ensures that it can act independently, even during the latter part of a binary option trading hours.

“Volume triggers”

Another way to predict binary options correctly and make money is through “volume triggers”. Volume triggers are utilized by most binary options systems to signal to traders that there is either a high or low chance that a given asset will make a winning trade within a certain trading hour. However, many programs also have volume alerts, which tell brokers to close all positions when a certain level is reached. This volume triggers can be set for specific asset classes, but generally have parameters that allow them to be set for any time frame.

Right brokers

Traders who want to use binary options trading to make a lot of money need to find a broker who is willing to offer them a wide variety of asset classes and has an ability to customize their service. This allows the user to maximize how much they make from binary options trading. Some brokers have an exclusive line of options for specific asset classes, while others have a wider offering of options tailored for a variety of markets. Brokers that can offer an incredible range of investment options will tend to be highly profitable and successful.

Predictions by prices

One final way to predict binary options prices is to do research on how the various asset classes fluctuate in value. For example, it is important to know the prices of: 

  • Oil; 
  • Gold;
  • Other commodities. 

Also you should know how they react to a variety of events and how investors can capitalize on these fluctuations. To predict how an asset will perform is to take advantage of what the markets have to offer and make good use of the information available. Again, the more you can learn about how to predict binary option’s price movements, the better off you will be.

How you can improve yourself in predictions

In order to predict the price movement of binary options with such ease, it is extremely important that you have mastered the art of prediction yourself. There is an excellent chance that you will make a huge mistake at first, especially if you are relying on “tips” from people you have never met. If you want to know how to predict binary options prices correctly, then you must have a very high level of skill in the forex markets or your trading skills. 

Forex currency trading is a widely popular venue for investors, which is evident by how many software programs are being released each month. Because the nature of the binary options trade means that the market will change on very short notice, even the most skillful trader can miss out on a golden opportunity.

Different strategies

There are also a number of different strategies that you can use to predict binary prices. Some traders like to narrow their focus down to only two or three time frames, and trade solely on those time frames. Other traders prefer to trade across a variety of time frames, but also trade on a variety of asset classes. Still other traders simply trade with no structure at all, and try to predict the best times to buy and sell at any given moment. There is no right or wrong way to go about predicting the best times to trade, so it is really up to you. As long as you are taking the time to learn how to predict binary options prices properly, and develop a plan for trading on those times when the market has moved in your favor, you should do well.

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