How to Swing Trade Cryptocurrency – a few tips for beginners

Swing trading crypto is a profit option for day traders. Day swing trading significantly reduces the amount of time needed for swing trading cryptocurrency because you are trading during the same day. By trading in just a few minutes each day, you are taking advantage of one of the fastest growing and most profitable ways to make money in cryptocurrency. And because you are trading during the same day, you are not subject to the same market pressures that often occur with long-term investments.

How much can you make swing trading

If you are new to swing trading cryptocurrencies, you may find that is different from regular trading where you use fundamental and technical analysis. In this form of investing, you need to be able to decide on a set price point, as well as place a stop-loss amount, before you even take your trade off the trading floor. When you are learning about swing trading cryptocurrency, you should definitely become familiar with the basics of this form of investing.


One of the first ways you can learn about swing crypto trading is by visiting the websites of professional traders. They have videos and articles you can watch which will help you better understand the market. As mentioned above, they will also provide you with some tools to help you analyze the data and charts you see in these videos. Many beginner traders do not realize the importance of being familiar with analysis tools when they are just starting out in day trading. You want to become as educated as possible, to ensure you’re making the most informed decisions in your trades. How much you can make on the swing trading depends on you.

When you invest in cryptocurrency, you have the ability to invest in hundreds of different coins, ensuring that you have an infinite source of income. In addition to having a large supply of differing types of coins, there is another appealing feature that many find with investing in cryptocurrency – ease of trading. With a standard brokerage account, you can open a trade with just a couple clicks of the mouse. Unlike a traditional stock trade, you don’t have to worry about waiting until a particular deadline in order to execute your bet. With a good brokerage service, like eToro, you can start swing trading bitcoin, or any of the other top 10 best selling cryptos right now!

eToro swing crypto options

Another great way to learn about swing trading crypto is through practice accounts. These will give you the opportunity to make money without putting any money down. Most day traders will start out using a 100 dollar account which is small enough to start out with. As you get more experience in the world of cryptocurrency, you can increase your position size and move up to larger positions.

As mentioned earlier, there are many ways to get involved in swing trading cryptocurrency. You can choose to either start trading options or currencies. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Options are easier to learn and use, but they lack a number of major benefits of currency. If you have some cash available to invest, you could consider both options. If not, you should focus more on the options.

  • Once you’ve started learning how to incorporate analysis tools within your swing trading bitcoin strategy, you will need to decide what types of tools you wish to use. You should choose between indicators and moving averages. Most people will use indicators primarily. Swing trading bitcoin strategies often take into consideration moving averages and the other technical indicators, however. This is because most traders find that the most important indicator for them is the resistance levels.
  • You should also consider the cost of the tools you are using in conjunction with your trading strategy. Pricing can vary dramatically between various publishers. Some are very affordable while others are more expensive. Consider the size of your investment, your level of experience, and what strategy you wish to execute when determining the price of the tool you choose. Keep in mind that the most accurate price you pay is the one you receive.
  • Learning about the markets, about the products you’re trading, and about the underlying goods and services you carry can all help you determine the price you pay. When you start trading, you should be taking advantage of the research you’ve already done and the knowledge that you’ve accumulated over a long time. A smart trader always keeps track of his positions, the prices of the goods he carries, and the other factors that may influence his strategy. As long as the strategy works, there is no reason why you shouldn’t keep it in front of your eyes at all times.
  • Swing trading crypto requires a lot of research. If you’re not comfortable with it, this can be an additional barrier to entry. However, if you are willing to spend the time and the effort required to learn the intricacies of the markets, you can successfully become a successful day trader and a profitable trader on the weekend. The best part is that it does not take much time at all to learn a great strategy or learn how to trade from the strategies of several other traders.

You can get started swing trading bitcoin with eToro right now!

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