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Everyone wants to be happy, and this is obvious. But everyone experiences happiness differently. For someone it is a favorite job and self-realization, for others – a large bank account and a garage with expensive cars, for someone – travel, new places, and emotions, for others – a happy family and smiling children. But everyone should have enough money. Of course, financial independence will not bring you happiness, but it will provide a large amount of opportunity and allow you to buy the most valuable resource – time.

Because a person spends more than a third of his life at work, but he cannot get out of this vicious circle. However, the modern world provides a large number of interesting opportunities. For example, binary trading. It is enough to have the ability to think analytically and the minimum start-up capital to get the first profit. And, of course, your partner should be a reliable and high-quality broker. This IQ Option review will help you learn more about one of the segment leaders.

What do binary options brokers offer?

Binary options trading is a complex and complex process that has many strategies and high risks. Every asset available on the exchange changes its value every minute. By conducting qualitative analysis and following the “buy cheaper, sell higher” rule, a trader can determine the best point to enter a trade and close it with maximum profit. But without quality knowledge about price formation, market changes, etc. transactions turn into gambling, which can lead to bankruptcy. However, a high percentage of profits attracts a large number of users. Modern platforms offer clients several types of binary options. For example, an IQ Option client can choose one of the following options.

•        Call/Put. The most common and simplest option. The trader’s task is to determine how the value of the selected asset will change after a certain period. If it grows, the “Call” option is selected, if it falls – the “Put” option. If the forecast turned out to be correct, then after the expiration time the user receives a profit.

•        Touch/no-Touch. In this case, the broker designates a certain line that is above or below the current price of the asset. The task of the trader is to determine whether the value will reach this value over a certain period. If the “Touch” option is selected and the condition is met, the trader can withdraw the money without waiting for the expiration date.

•        In/Out. For this type of binary options, two boundaries are defined – upper and lower. The trader analyzes the situation and makes a forecast – whether the price will remain within the specified boundaries or leave them after a selected period. Accurate analysis and a quality strategy allow you to make the right conclusion that will bring profit.

•        Digital-option. This binary option is often chosen by professional traders. Here the expiration time is long (from a week to a month), so it is possible to carry out fundamental and technical analysis. Reliability and predictability attract many, but the percentage of profit is less here.

•        Turbo-options. The riskiest way to make money, but it also offers great profits. Its peculiarity is that there is a short expiration time (1-5 minutes) and a high percentage of profit (160-180%). It is very difficult to do fundamental analysis and determine the best time to trade binary options here, so a lot depends on luck. But the correct forecast will make you good money.

•        Spread. The choice of true trading professional. Because here it is necessary not only to determine and indicate the direction of movement of the asset but also to find out its exact value after a certain period. This is a complex process that requires careful analysis, but high profits attract a large number of traders.

Important information about IQ Option

Today IQ Option is one of the best binary brokers available on the market. This success is the result of seven years of reliable work. The firm was first incorporated on the island of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines in 2013. Now the headquarters of the company is also located in the city of Limassol, Cyprus.

The main priorities in the work of the platform were safety and responsibility to customers, which made it possible to quickly earn an excellent reputation among users and gain popularity. Today, the site has more than 10 million customers, and the total volume of transactions over the past year exceeded mark $4 billion. Also, the company received several important prizes, which are indicators of success. The most important:

•        Best Binary Options Broker;

•        The best application for online trading;

•        Award for the development and implementation of innovative technologies;

•        Achievement for the development and use of the most advanced security systems.

Licenses and official documents

Of course, the earnings of the company’s clients must be legal, the user must not violate the law of the country in which he lives. Therefore, potential clients are interested in the question – “Is binary options trading legal?” For the answer to be positive, you must choose the IQ Option platform. In this case, the user becomes a client of a legal company that has official registration and the necessary international licenses.

Also, IQ Option is a member of the Investor Compensation Fund, which provides clients with segregated accounts and negative balance protection policies under ESMA requirements.

This allows the broker to provide services in other countries of the European Economic Area. IQ Option provides additional protection to clients who are members of the Investment Compensation Fund and keep client funds in segregated bank accounts.

Safety for you

We have already said that the company received the award as the most reliable and safe broker. Security is one of the top priorities for binary options trading, which is why it uses special 256-bit SSL protocols. This code helps to encrypt all of the client’s data: account passwords, transaction history, payment information, and withdrawal information. Therefore, a scammer will not be able to hack into your account and dispose of your profits.

Moreover, the security service monitors suspicious activity and detects fraudsters on time. And in case of problems, you can contact the support service available 24/7. Several methods are available: a phone number (allows you to get an answer instantly, but is available only during business hours) and email (the answer may take some time, but it is possible to attach documents and screenshots). Employees speak few languages, which allows you to get the most qualified assistance.

The site you like

The official page is very pleasant in terms of design and usability. A light site with an excellent background and important information is correctly highlighted. This approach ensures that your eyes don’t get tired even after a few hours of binary options trading. Besides, there are 18 language versions of the page, which is very convenient. Also, an excellent layout lowers the entry threshold for a beginner – you can quickly go through the registration procedure, get access to the platform’s tools, and close the first deal.

Trading instruments

IQ Option offers traders a wide range of asset classes. It includes CFD trading on 64 currency pairs, 186 stocks, 25 ETFs, 10 cryptocurrencies, and 5 commodities. The platform also offers binary and digital options trading on 56 different markets, including Forex. Thanks to this approach, a trader can make money on the type of binary options that are most convenient and understandable for him.

Becoming a professional trader

In the modern world, information is the greatest wealth. IQ Option is aware of this and offers its clients access to a special information section (the link is at the bottom of the page). Here the user can learn how to correctly draw up a binary options trading plan, read advice from professional traders, learn market news, and more information about the advantages or disadvantages of popular strategies. Knowledge is a great power to minimize mistakes, and the IQ Option platform allows you to learn.

IQ Option demo account

Another important advantage of the company. Each registered user can activate for trading on binary options demo account. After that, the deposit will be credited with an amount of 10,000 virtual dollars. Money is available to conclude transactions on any assets, according to real quotes. You can observe the trend of price changes and market dynamics, choose the best binary options strategy at the IQ Option demo account. Of course, this will not bring you profit, but it will allow you to practice your skills in practice, without risking real money.

Registration process

It looks like the best time to trade binary options have come, and you can complete the registration process on the site. This option is available to all adult users and only takes a few minutes.

1.   Go to the official page and click the registration button.

2.   Specify personal data (login, password to log into your account, email address).

3.   Agree with the rules of the company (we recommend that you read the service documents containing useful information);

4.   Check your email and follow the welcome link (available in a new letter).

Account replenishment and withdrawal of funds

IQ Option clients need a minimum start-up capital to start the road to success. The platform works only with the best payment systems. The client can carry out a transaction through bank cards (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro), electronic wallets (Qiwi, WebMoney, Neteller, Skrill, etc.), and cryptocurrency (Blockchain). The minimum deposit limit is $10. This amount is enough for ten minimum trades ($1).

The payout process is also fast and reliable. But to withdraw funds, you will need to go through the verification process (you must provide copies of your passport or driver’s license to the support staff). The verification process takes from 1 to 3 days and allows you to ensure that a real trader, and not a fraudster who took possession of his account, will receive the profit.

24/7 access

Thanks to the IQ Options platform, you can trade at any time you want. The exchange is available 24/7. The only exception is the Forex market, which is closed on weekends. The company also offers a large number of trading options that make the process more convenient. For example, a user can add to the chart those indicators and signals that he considers important. This approach allows you to understand the market trend, determine the best moment to enter a trade, and close it in time with maximum profit.

Automatic trading

However, you can make the trading process even more efficient. To do this, you need to download the IQ Option automatic trading program. It has a wide range of settings that allow you to define priority currency pairs, set stop losses, etc. Now the robot will select the best options around the clock, offer them to the user, and close deals 24/7 with millisecond precision. Moreover, there is a special option to copy deals and behavior of professional traders.

Mobile app

Mobile Trading app

Another important advantage of the IQ Option company is its convenient mobile application. The best programmers worked on the development of the application, so it works perfectly with all modern phones or tablets (iOS or Android). The program has excellent functionality that allows you to fully trade anywhere with an Internet connection. Moreover, high-quality optimization ensures no glitches and stable operation even with a weak signal. Earn money wherever you like with IQ Option.

High profit

Every IQ Option trader who has an analytical mind and a good strategy can make excellent profits. The average rate for a successful transaction is 70-80%. Besides, a large number of professional traders are registered on the site, who have been successfully trading for a long time, and the daily profit reaches 200-300%.

Tournaments and special offers

There is also a unique IQ Option offering that allows you to compete with real traders. Each participant buys a starting ticket for $4-20 and receives 1000 virtual dollars for a deposit. His task is to earn the highest profit within the specified period. Besides, there are free tournaments with a good prize pool.

Premium account

IQ Option users with more than $1900 in their balance get access to a VIP account. The premium client has priority when withdrawing funds (transactions are processed faster), assistance from a personal manager, increased profit on transactions, and access to special tournaments. With the IQ Option premium account, the path to financial independence becomes more enjoyable and efficient.


The IQ Option platform is an excellent choice for trading binary options. Because the company offers a wide range of tools, excellent settings and guarantees a high level of security. Together with IQ Option, trading becomes more enjoyable, convenient, and efficient.